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Action and Advocacy

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We are truly a grassroots organization…

It all starts with league positions. Before we take action on an issue or advocate for a cause, we adopt a position on that issue or cause.

Each position results from a rigorous process of study. Any given league study, whether it be national, state, or local, is thorough in its pursuit of facts and details. The appointed study committee operates in an unbiased manner. As the study progresses, the committee engages in a continuing discussion of the pros and cons of each situation. Finally, the committee fashions consensus questions, which are then presented to the membership as a whole.

As the general membership assesses the study and considers the consensus questions, additional discussion takes place. Ultimately, the general membership process concludes when it agrees on a consensus statement. The board then adopts a position based on the consensus statement.

It is the consensus statement – the statement resulting from the consensus questions – that becomes a position. It is the position that becomes the foundation for concrete action. Without a position, neither advocacy nor other action can be taken on the issue under study.